Handmade Wire Tree Sculptures – Beautiful Home Decor For Your Bookshelf or Desk

My handmade wire tree sculptures draw inspiration from the elegance and serenity of Bonsai trees and the symbolism of the Tree of Life. These came about because I wanted a decorative plant without worrying about keeping it alive. I enjoy making these and how they bring a touch of nature to any space.

The trunk, branches, and roots are twisted and shaped bunches of lustrous copper jewelry wire. A vibrant canopy comes to life with colorful glass or glass-enameled porcelain beads sculpted together with wire. Each tree stands rooted on a carved poplar wood base that’s beautifully stained and lacquered, giving aesthetic and warmth to the piece.

Perfect as an addition to your shelf or desk, these wire tree sculptures infuse an organic element that adds a touch of natural charm to any room decor.

Every sculpture is handmade with care, with each piece being truly unique. I take great pride in my art and craftsmanship, and I hope that one of these beautiful pieces will find a special place in your heart and home.